NIT Surat offers a number of degrees as part of its undergraduate programmes, including Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in six engineering disciplines and the five year integrated Master of Science in three science disciplines. The B.Tech. degree is the most popular undergraduate degree in NIT Surat in terms of student enrollment. It is based on a four-year programme with eight semesters. The first year of the B.Tech. curriculum has common courses from all departments. At the end of the first year, an option to change departments is given to meritorious students on the basis of their performance in the first two semesters.
From the second year onwards, the students take courses offered by their departments that are known as core courses. In addition to these, the students have to take inter-disciplinary courses known as elective courses. Separate courses from the humanities and social sciences department, and management and information technology are also required. At the end of the third year, the B.Tech. and Dual Degree students undertake mandatory industrial training or a project as part of the undergraduate curriculum.

Department Of Computer Engineering

  • The Department of Computer Engineering originated from the Department of Electronics Engineering, and was established in 1989. It offers Undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering. The first batch of students of computer engineering passed out in 1992.
  • The Computer Engineering Department has sanctioned faculty strength of 2 Professors, 3 Assistant Professors and 6 Lecturers and System Programmer.
  • The department has well-equipped laboratories consisting of the state-of-the-art servers & computers – used by the students of second, third and the final year Computer Engineering. The curriculum was designed keeping in view industrial and research needs, as well as the rapid development in the IT industry.
  • Induction of new courses from time to time enables the students to keep abreast of recent technological development. Flexibility in curriculum is provided through Electives, Seminars and Projects. The students with their innovative ideas implemented, routinely present Technical Papers at National level Symposiums, and achieve laurels. The Department has always strived for excellence and receives grants to develop and modernize its laboratories.

Department Of Mechanical Engineering

  • Established in 1961, The Department of Mechanical engineering now offers Undergraduate courses in Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering, two Post Graduate courses and also has facilities for research work leading to a Doctorate degree.
  • In 1988, an intensive survey of various industries revealed the need for an Engineering Degree Program that covered both Technological and Managerial aspects of Manufacturing. Thus was established Production Engineering.
  • This Department has 35 experienced staff, of which every third faculty member has a doctorate degree. The Department has over a dozen laboratories with sophisticated equipments like Wind Tunnels and C.N.C. Machines. The course was designed keeping in view industrial and research needs. Flexibility in curriculum is provided through Electives, Seminars and Projects.
  • The Department has always strived for excellence and receives grants to modernise its laboratories. The department conducts active research and has had several breakthroughs. It also provides services to local industries.
  • Every year, students undergo in-plant training and industry sponsored projects. The students, with their innovative ideas presents technical papers at National level Symposiums and is successful in whatever fields they selected.

Department Of Electrical Engineering

  • The B.E./B.Tech. course in Electrical Engineering of SVNIT, Surat was started in 1961 and has been keeping pace with the latest technology in industries. We have always maintained a policy of providing students with state-of-the-art systems with regularly upgraded curriculum. The course is composed of Electrical Engineering as well as relevant software and hardware subjects. Superb laboratory facilities along with unlimited access to the INTERNET brings out the future Electrical Engineers of high caliber. The Department has its syllabus designed as per the latest technology required all around the globe.

Department Of Civil Engineering

  • The department is one of the pioneering departments, since the commencement of the college in 1961. Over the years, the department has progressed at a rapid pace with the development in both the spheres of infrastructure facilities and faculty members. The department has highly qualified faculty members engaged in teaching and research with the aim of achieving excellence in various fields. The faculty members are specialized in different disciplines of Civil Engineering.
  • The department offers the Under Graduate course in Civil Engineering and Post Graduate programs in the following areas:
    1.Environmental Engineering2.Town & Regional Planning3.Water Recourses Engineering4.Transportation Engineering and Planning
  • The department also offers Ph.D. programs and basic research activities are carried out in the areas of Environmental Engg., Town & Regional Planning, Water Recourses Engg., Transportation Engg. The department provides consulting services and also undertakes the work of Environmental Auditing for the industries.
  • The department has 8 well equipped laboratories attached to different divisions for conducting teaching, research and consulting activities. The different facilities available in the laboratories are described in the respective pages.
  • The graduates coming out from the Institute are well prepared with knowledge and technical information, refined with professional touch, are capable of undertaking the Civil Engineering jobs to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.
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Department Of Electronics Engineering

  • The B.E. course in Electronics Engineering of SVNIT Surat was started in 1982 and has been keeping pace with the latest technology in industries. We have always maintained a policy of providing students with state-of-the-art systems and laboratories with regularly upgraded curriculum. The course is composed of electronics & communication as well as relevant software and hardware subjects.
  • Superb laboratory facilities along with unlimited access to the INTERNET brings out the future Electronics Engineers of high caliber. The department has a group of highly capable teaching staff and faculty who are adept at guiding the students thru various software and hardware projects.

Department Of Applied Chemistry

  • The Department of Applied Chemistry is a dynamic multidisciplinary research centre for research work in all fields of chemical sciences. The emphasis at the curricular level is to provide a broad coverage of all branches of chemistry in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the subject today.
  • The Department of Chemistry was started in 1961 – 62, which imparted education of engineering chemistry to B.Tech.-I and B.Tech.-II (Chemical Engineering) students. In October 2002, Sardar Vallabhbhai Regional College of Engineering and Technology (SVRCET) was converted into Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Surat. Chemistry Department, earlier working under the aegis of the Department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, has recently started working as an independent department as a Department of Applied Chemistry.
  • Earlier, about 15 Ph.D degrees have been awarded by the Department of Chemistry under the affiliation of South Gujarat University. At present 15 Ph.D students have been registered in the Department. Necessary research facilities and infrastructure are also available for the varied areas of research work currently undergoing in the department viz. corrosion, catalysis, ion exchange, polymers, organic synthesis, supramolecular chemistry, inorganic chemistry, nanomaterials, mass spectrometry, microchip and capillary electrophoresis.

Department Of Applied Mathematics & Humanities

  • The Department of Applied Mathematics & Humanities has got its present status in April, 2009. Earlier it was one of the sections of Applied Sciences and Humanities Department. It has always believed in striving for excellence in research and teaching and has succeeded in this endeavor to a large extent. Over the years, the department has evolved as one of the epicenter of research in Gujarat, India. Growing steadily, today the department not only teaches various topics in Mathematics, English and Management to undergraduate students of different engineering, but also runs its own 5 years Integrated M.Sc. Degree Course in Mathematics, in which admission is made through AIEEE. The alumni of this department have attained prestigious positions in teaching and research, spread over India and abroad.
  • The Department has highly qualified Faculty members consisting of one Professor, three Assistant Professors & eight Lecturers. In their pursuit for research the Faculty members have covered a vast area such as Numerical & Classical methods in fluid mechanics (Flow through porous media), Special functions, Integral Transforms, Approximation theory, Mathematical Modeling, Magnetic Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical and Computational Biology, Bioinformatics/ Biomathematics/ Bio computing, Data mining, Finite element modeling, Techno innovation to Techno entrepreneurship, General Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Post Modern Fiction and Indian English Fiction. The entire teaching faculty is actively engaged in research in their respective fields and innumerable research papers are being published every year in the various Journals of repute.
  • Over the years the Department of Applied Mathematics & Humanities has accomplished eight research projects sponsored by UGC/CSIR/INSA/SGU and has successfully organized several Conferences/ Workshops/ Symposia/ Summer/ Winter School. More than twenty five research scholars have been conferred Ph.D degree and eighteen scholars have been awarded M.Phil. degree in Mathematics from this department.

Department Of Chemical Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering Department of National Institute of Technology,Surat was started recently in 1995. As a separate Department, its potential has been recognized as a rich resource of well trained Chemical Engineers. It is today one of the premier Departments of this college. The Department has built up a comprehensive research infra structure with top-notch facilities for carrying cutting-edge teaching and research. Constant efforts are being put up to make this department to be ranked as one of the best in India within next few years. The Department strives to provide graduate students with facilities and environment that are conducive for creative and dynamic work.
  • Chemical Engineering is the most sought after branch in the state of Gujarat. Due to its location in the industrialized zone of the country, the Department has an opportunity to play a major role in providing the Engineers with good academic background. Departmental setup encourages students to take up various research assignments. Our students are proving to be better engineers not only in industries but also in the field of research.
  • Being new, the Department is fully equipped with modern equipments and computer facilities which are being entertained by trained and experienced faculties. Students are offered Industrial Training in summer at the end of Third year. They are also involved in projects under guidance of our faculty as well as from Professors outside.
    The Department is showing good progress in the Training and Placement. Companies prefer engineers of our college compared to others. After completing the bachelor degree, many Engineers pursue higher studies either in technical or management field in India or abroad.

Department Of Applied Mechanics

The Department of Applied Mechanics an independent functioning unit, is the backbone of Civil Engineering. It offers expertise in the fields of:
1. Structural Engineering 2. Geotechnical Engineering

  • The Department also assists in imparting basic courses in Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of Solids to the students of all other disciplines. At under graduate level in Civil Engineering, the subjects offered are Structural Analysis, Structural design, Geotechnical engineering, electives in advanced designs and analysis, and also seminars and designs projects in the relevant areas of applications to industry and research.
  • At postgraduate level, it independently conducts M.Tech. in Structural Engineering since last 25 years. The course is approved by AICTE. It has been accredited with “A’ Grade by NBA, New Delhi. The department has one Professor, Four Assistant Professors and Seven Lecturers. Four of the faculty members have acquired Ph.D. The department also conducts M.Tech in Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering and has been approved by AICTE.
  • The department has well equipped laboratories: (1) Computer Laboratory (2) Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory (3) Structural Analysis and Material Testing Laboratory (4) Heavy Structures and Prestressed Concrete Laboratories (5) Photoelastic/Experimental Stress Analysis / Dynamic Laboratories.

Research Work:

  • Six of the papers authors by department faculty have received awards and medals in the past like Hari Om Ashram Prerit Award.
  • The department has started with full time and part-time research schemes since July -2004, leading to Ph.D. degree. Three external candidates from other technical institutions have joined the scheme. Three of the faculty members have also started their research work under part-time category.

Testing & Consultancy:
The department has been a pioneer and leader to carry out testing and challenging consultancy work in the fields of Geotechnical and structural engineering. The soil exploration techniques, bearing capacity predictions, structural engineering strength assessments, overall stability checks, design checking of vibration and dynamics related problems are the areas of consultancy services which have been referred to the department. Last year the Department has conducted testing & consultancy work worth more than Rs. 10 Lacs.
Other Contributions:

  • The department organizes the summer / winter schools imparting knowledge and expertise to other engineering college and polytechnic teachers. The crowning glory is the successful organizations of National Conference on Bridges and Flyovers in 1997.
  • The National Service Scheme, ISTE, The Centre of Humanity Resource Development and Continuing Education Programmes are also under the responsibility of the faculty members from this Department.
  • The department presents a picture of a small but fully dedicated and developed faculty contributing to all round growth of students, Institute, Industries and Society.

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