B.Pharm 1056 PHAR-124/PH-124 Computer Fundamentals & Programming View
B.Pharm 5046 PH-121 Physical Chemistry View
B.Pharm 5048 PH-122(O) Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Organic Chemistry-I) (Old) View
B.Pharm 5050 PH-123 Human Anatomy, Physiology & Health Education-II View
B.Pharm 5051 PH-123(O) Human Anatomy, Physiology & Health Education (Old) View
B.Pharm 5052 PH-241 Pharmaceutics-IV Unit Operations-II View
B.Pharm 5053 PH-242 Pharmaceutical Microbiology View
B.Pharm 5054 PH-243 Pharmacognosy-II View
B.Pharm 5055 PH-244 Pharmaceutics-V (Physical Pharmacy) View
B.Pharm 5056 PHAR-245 Pathophysiology of Common Diseases View
B.Pharm 5057 PH-361 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-V (Medicinal Chemistry-I) View
B.Pharm 5058 PH-362 Biopharmaceutics & P’Kinetics (Pharmaceutics-VIII) View
B.Pharm 5059 PH-363 Pharmacology-II View
B.Pharm 5060 PH-364 Pharmacognosy-IV View
B.Pharm 5061 PH-365 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence & Ethics View
B.Pharm 5062 PH-481 Pharmaceutics X (Dosage Form Design) View
B.Pharm 5063 PH-482 Pharmacognosy-V View
B.Pharm 5064 PH-483 Pharmacology-IV View
B.Pharm 5065 PH-484 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VIII (Medicinal Chemistry-III) View
B.Pharm 5066 PH-485 Pharmaceutical Analysis-III View
B.Pharm 5067/5047 PHAR-121/PH-121(O) Physical Chemistry View
B.Pharm 5068 PHAR-122 Pharmeceutical Chemistry-II View
B.Pharm 5104 PHAR-241 Pharmaceutics-IV View
B.Pharm 5105 PHAR-242 Pharmaceutical Microbiology View
B.Pharm 5106 PHAR-243 Pharmacognosy-II View
B.Pharm 5107 PHAR-244 Pharmaceutical Analysis-II View
B.Pharm 5108 PHAR-245 Anatomy. Physiology and Pathophysiology-IV View
B.Pharm 5112 PHAR-361 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VI View
B.Pharm 5114 PHAR-363 Pharmacology-II View
B.Pharm 5115 PHAR-364 Pharmacognosy-III View
B.Pharm 5116 PHAR-366 Environment & Ecology View
B. Pharma. 5063 PH-482 Pharmacognosy-V View
B. Pharma. 5064 PH-483 Pharmacology-IV View
B. Pharma. 5067 PHAR-121 Physical Chemistry (Special Carryover Examination) View
B. Pharma. 5068 PHAR-122 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (Special Carryover Examination) View
B. Pharma. 5069 PHAR-123 Anatomy. Physiology and Pathophysiology-II (Special Carryover Examination) View
B. Pharma. 9925 PHAR-125 Advanced Mathematics (Special Carryover Examination) View
B. Pharma. 9926 TES-201 Special Carryover Examination, 2006-2007 Environmental Studies View
B. Pharma. 9929 TAS-204 Mathematics-II (Special Carryover Examination) View
B.Pharm 5113 PHAR-362 Pharmaceutics-III View
B.Pharm 5065 PH-484 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-VIII (Medicinal Chemistry-III) View

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