Anand Mohan

Name: Anand Mohan
Course: B.E. Comp Engg.
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Company: Goldman Sachs
Package offered: Cannot disclose
Preparations: I did not prepare anything exclusively for this.
Books Referred: I studied mostly Database and Programming and some bit of Operating Systems. Just the regular curriculum books including:

1) Java by Herbert Schildt

2) DBMS by Korth

3) Let us C by Kanitkar

Websites Referred: Just the regular google search on a need basis.
Group Discussion and PI preparation: I appeared for the internship interview. One should be confident on what one says during the interview. What you say during the interview is secondary to how you say it. Also be thorough with your Resume and it always helps if you have a project to talk about.
The Written round:  It had mainly aptitude questions.
The Interview: They didn’t ask me any algos etc. per say but dug deep into my technical project.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Yeah certainly!! I got a PPO. About extra currics, I think they play an important role in shaping your personality which in turn is essential to perform well in the interview.

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