Anirvana Misra

Name: Anirvana Mishra
Course: BE in COE
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Year of Placement: 2010
Company: Yahoo!
Package offered: 8.3lpa+
Preparations: I almost prepared for 2 months.
Books Referred:
    • Corman for Algorithms
    • Tenebeaum and Galvin for OS
    • Korth for DBMS
    • I mostly used the online material.
    • Subjects you should pay attention to: OOPs,DS,Algorithms,OS,DBMS
Websites Referred:


Eligibility Criteria: GPA criterion was .65. Around 100 students appeared.
The Written round:

It had more of core technical and aptitude questions.  Most of the questions were conceptual. Few were based on:

Analysis of Algorithms

child processes creation(forking)


The Interview: Here mainly technical questions were asked.  There were 3 tech interviews after the 3 hr coding round.There were questions based on:

      • Pattern matching
      • Optimization of bubble sort for partially sorted arrays
      • MapReduce
      • Address spaces of processes(what if they overlap?)
      • Randomization algorithms
      • Proof of binary search(All the questions were conceptual again)

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities:

Yes, My internship played a crucial role, they were really interested in the project I worked upon, and they asked me about it in all the interviews. Also extra currics play an important role.

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