Avinash kumar

Name: Avinash Kumar
Course: COE
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: C-DOT
Package offered: 6.5 LPA
Preparations: I devoted almost a month for the placement.
Books Reffered: I mainly concentrated on the following subjects: C,C++,DBMS,Data Structures,OS.

For these, I referred:

• C & C++ by balaguruswamy

• Test your c skills

• DBMS by korth

• Os by galvin

• Data structures by tenenbaum

• Algorithm by coremen

• crack the interview

I mostly used the online material.

Website Reffered: • http://geeksforgeeks.org/

• http://foddalo.com/

• http://cquestionbank.blogspot.com/

• And random Google stuff.

Eligibility criteria and students appeared: There was shortlisting on the percentage basis about 20 students appeared.
The Interview: It was mainly technical. They mostly asked question related to operating system , networking , Database ,Data structures and little bit C++.In operating system they mostly asked about threading and IPC etc. They also asked me that “how will you differentiate between two mobile OS”. They were mostly asking practical rather than theoretical questions.

‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘Why do you want to join C-DOt’, ‘Where do you see yourself in ten years’ and many other regular HR stuff.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Yes internships are always helpful because they give you a topic about on which you can talk to the interviewer confidently and you can impress them.

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