Brajesh Upadhyay

Name: Brajesh Upadhyay
Course: BE in Computer Engineering
College: NSIT
Year: 2010
Company: Atrenta
Package offered: 6 LPA
Preparations: I started preparing for the placement session for two months back. You may require lesser or more time as needed.
Books Reffered: I decided to revise C, Data Structures, DBMS (Database Management Systems) and OS.  For that, I referred C by Ritchie, Data Structures by Tanenbaum, Few chapters of algorithms by Cormen, Crack the interview, Orkut Community – Target placements, OS by galvin, DBMS-korth
Website Reffered: Every body has their personal favorites when it comes to referring websites. I referred:

GD, PI Preparations: I prepared my HR questions beforehand. To do that, I wrote them on paper and tried to practice and think like that.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The eligibility criteria set was 73% and around 100 students appeared for the written round.
The Written round: There were more of Technical and aptitude related questions. They were sll Subjective questions. I remember a few like:

Puzzle- How to cut a cake if it has a hole in equal parts.

Tech- Write a code for finding mirror of a tree.

The Interview: This was mostly technical question based. I was asked about implementing dictionary, help sort, max continuous subarray sum.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: I cannot say much about this.

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