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JMI: Courses Offered

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JMI: Fee Structure

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Jamia Millia Islamia

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JMI: Alumni

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College Information

JMI: About Jamia and FET

About Jamia Millia Islamia Jamia was established in 1920 by a group of nationalist Muslim intelligentsia at Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh). Its campus shifted from Aligarh to Delhi in 1925 and the foundation stone of the present...

JMI: Locate

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JMI: People

Officers of Jamia Amir-i-Jamia (Chancellor)  Shaikh Fakhruddin Tahirbhai Khorakiwala Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Vice-Chancellor)  Mr. Najeeb Jung, IAS Naib Shaikh-ul-Jamia (Pro-Vice-Chancellor)  Prof. S.M. Rashid Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Languages  Prof. S.M.Azizuddin Husain Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences  Prof. Khan Masood Ahmad Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences  Prof. Khalil...

JMI: Publications

Jauhar First Edition 2010 Jauhar Second Edition 2011 Jauhar Fourth Edition 2011 Click Here to go Back to JMI Home
College Admissions

JMI: Admissions

Jamia Admissions 2012 Important Links JMI Admissions 2012: GENERAL GUIDELINES JMI Admissions 2012: Courses Offered & Fees JMI Admissions 2012: How to obtain Application Forms JMI Admissions 2012: Submission of Admissions 2011 Application Form JMI Admissions 2012: Entrance Test...
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JMI: Syllabus

BE Entrance Exam Syllabus Civil Engineering (Evening) Computer Engineering (Evening) Electronic and Communication (Evening) Electrical Engineering (Evening) Mechanical Engineering (Evening)   MBA/M.Sc/M.Tech Entrance Exam Syllabus MBA Entrance Exam Syllabus M.Sc Electronics Entrance Exam Syllabus M.Tech Civil Entrance Exam Syllabus M.Tech EPSM Entrance Exam Syllabus M.Tech Mechanical...