Gaurav Abrol

Name: Gaurav Abrol
Course: BE in Information Technology
College: Delhi College of Engineering
Year of Placement: 2010
Company: BHEL, Infoedge aka
Package offered: 7.5-8.5 (BHEL) while Training
Preparations: For me placement was a 10-15 days game. I have always loved studying and coding but yes paid more attention towards deep knowledge of subjects after failure in Intern test where I finally landed in CISCO and after that for me it was just a revision kind of thing.
Books Referred:  For

  • C -Dennis Ritchie, let us C, Test your C skills
  • C++ – school books,, balaguruswamy, complete reference
  • Data structures– schaums series, some problems from tanenbaum and coremen too
  • Algos  – Coremen and internet stuff/blogs
  • Operating system– Galvin
  • Networking – Forrouzan
  • DBMS – Korth
Websites Referred: A lot of websites like –, cracktheinterview, techinterview, geekinterview and some for standard puzzles also !!
Group Discussion and PI preparation: Nopes I didn’t prepare for GD and didn’t give any. But yes PI needs your knowledge and smartness both…Knowledge to understand the problem and smartness to interpret it in your own way… I gave almost 11-12 Companies’ interviews including Amazon, Microsoft, CISCO (for intern), RBS, Attrenta, Infoedge, Tally and finally BHEL! It seems to be awkward a person interviewing with such BIG S/w companies landed up in BHEL a ‘SARKARI’ naukri but that’s the DESTINY friends 🙂 ..And after talking to experienced people and looking at my own priorities i decided to apply for a PSU which needs marks, knowledge and yess LUCK!! 🙂 ..It was my 3 years effort only that made it possible for an IT guy to get a PSU!!..BHEL didn’t have any written round but other companies had and needed technical preparation
Eligibility Criteria: i would advice keep your score 70+ and < 80 😛 Students who appeared for BHEL were almost 130-140
The Written round: It had core, aptitude as well as personality development questions.

I am here to give you a lil sight of all of the companies I appeared for.

BHEL – not much hi-fi tech , interest in microprocessor, projects and yes ready to relocate 🙁

for other S/W companies – faadu tech preparation and coding practice at topcoder, codechef etc. but then also be ready for any type of results 😛 😛

Banking Companies saying that they need tech knowledge – some puzzles, not much tech and yess ability to persuade the interviewer that your are right at the same time if u hv MANY marks den try tot hink of some solid reasons that you wil not leave (for not BIGGIES) but for BIGGIES u can expect anything so be prepared for that!!!

The Group Discuss Round: No Group Discussion was there.
The Interview:
    • Tech Questions: A lotttt i have given links and other which I couldn’t answer so still searching for their solutions 🙂
    • HR questions: ‘Tell me about yourself’, ‘If you have any questions ‘, ‘Strength and weakness’, ‘What would you do if you are not acknowledged for your work’ and many other you can find on net
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Yes internships are always useful they give you a topic about which you can talk to the interviewer can impress him/her and if it’s some real-time project which could be useful for company it will always help. Moreover internship is to learn!!

Reagrding Extra Currics, yes I think in my case I had to prove the people that am indulged in such activities and watch cricket too 😛 😛 ..But yes extra co-curricular activities shape your personality as an individual and also help in being the part of a team 🙂 🙂

At the end I would say just do your work companies will come companies will go.. You just try to give your best and expect the least 🙂 🙂 All the best to those who are going to read this 🙂

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