Gurpreet Singh

Name: Gurpreet Singh
Course: MCA (IT)
College: IITM, GGSIPU University, Delhi
Company: HCL Technologies, Chennai
Preparations: I devoted and suggest the same to everyone: At least an year on different subjects.
Books Referred: I studied all the MCA subjects. Some of the more specific concentration was on:

Quantitave Aptitute: R.S.Agarwal

Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning: R.S.Agarwal

C Language: Yashwant Kanitkar

English: (Any)

Website Reffered: These proved to be really helpful:

Group Discussion & Personal Interview: In a week we had placement related activities. Sometimes we used to form a group. Then pick a chit having discussion topic. And then discussion would start… which would go on and on… This is how we used to practice!
Eligibility Criteria: 300-1000
The Written round: This had Technical + Aptitude based + Personality development based questions.
The Group Discussion Round: We were given general affair and famous event related topics. I strongly wish to state that one’s communication skills have to be strong!
The Interview: Technical and HR questions were asked. I remember being questioned about language C. Also I was asked questions like:-

Are you willing to Re-Locate? (Joining in other state?)

How much Industry experience you have? (Like Training,etc if Fresher)

Expected salary?

Why this company?

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: Yes, my internships proved a great help. Regarding extracurricular activities, I would say, its OK if you present in front of HR. All depends on your Technical & Communication Skills.

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