Rohan Sachdeva

Name: Rohan Sachdeva
Course: MBA in Finance
College: IBS Banagalore
Year: 2010
Company: Phinnacle Wealth Managers
Package offered: 6.7 LPA
Preparations: I devoted no more than 20 days to preparing for my placement session. Some might need more or less time as required.
Books Reffered: I paid attention to the subjects like Security Analysis, Investment Banking, International Finance and Trade, Management control system, Business strategy, B2B marketing, Mergers and acquisitions, financial risk management, Portfolio management.  I would suggest by experience to go for core books like Relly and brown Investment analysis and portfolio management, Investment Banking Subbramanium.
Websites Reffered: On must also fully utilize the web resources. I went for Investopedia and of course Google!
GD, PI Preparations: For group discussion, our college used to have mock sessions for these. That was good enough practice for us.
The Written round: On the big day, the experience was like this; the written followed by GD and interview. From what I remember, questions were like, “What is the basic fundamental analysis”, “How will you appraise a project”,” How will you manage the debt burden on the company”,” Basic concepts like Beta, variance, SML, CAPM”…. etc…
The Group Discussion Round: Then thankfully after clearing the written round, came the group discussion, which I was well prepared with the mock group discussions we used to practice. On that day, we were given 1 minute to prepare after being given the topics. The topic for us was Commonwealth Games and IPL. Here my confidence paid off. I started the GD hence I got good appreciation.
The Interview: Another hurdle cleared, I went for the interview. Here I was asked both technical as well as HR questions.
Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: I really felt my past internship played an important role in my interview. But I cannot really say about extracurricular activities. That depends on company to company on profile basis or nature of job.

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