Shivank Sharma

Name: Shivank Sharma
Course: Environmental Engineering
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: Sony India Software Centre
Package offered: 4 LPA
Preparations: I prepared for placements for just two days! Had some previous experience with the programming language C and C++ and some coaching for solving CAT like question papers.
Books Reffered: I referred the book “C Programming Language – Kernighan & Ritchie” and C Aptitude questions.
Website Reffered: Google!
GD and PI preparations: I never prepared as such for GD or PI
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The cutoff to appear in the placement was 65%. 50 students had appeared for it
The Written Round: The written exam had Technical qs + verbal / personality development qs + aptitude qs.

The test was an online and had 3 sections:

• Quantitative Aptitude (15 ques)

• Verbal Ability and RC (15 ques)

• and an optional section which had the following choices:

o C Programming

o C++ & Networking

o C++ & OS

o Core Java

11 candidates were shortlisted after this round.

There were easy questions in QA and VA but slightly tougher in Technical.

The Interview: The first interview was not technical per se. They asked mainly HR stuff from other guys but since my Resume had C++ sprinkled all over it, the interviewer took the liberty and asked me questions about Fibonacci series, Pointers, Recursion, Memory Leaks, OS(basics), OOP concepts and Robotic arm programming( very very basic).
6 out of 11 were shortlisted.

The HR round: The second interview was HR which had the typical HR questions like:

– Tell me about yourself.

– Why software company?

– Any problem in relocation to Bangalore.

5 out of 6 were shortlisted.

Third and Final was Management interview with the Head of Operations of SISC. He was a pretty senior guy. He asked me why so bad marks? Why shift to software?

He asked some Env. Engg. related questions like unit processes in water treatment, water quality modeling etc.

He also asked me questions like OOP concepts, what is polymorphism, how would you represent DCE as a class and what would be its objects.

It lasted around 20 mins.

3 out of 5 were finally selected (including me 🙂 )!”

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: No role in my case!

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