Soumya Sharma

Name: Soumya Sharma
Course: B.Tech (Mechanical)
College: Faculty of Engineering and Technology , Jamia Millia Islamia
Year: 2010
Company: Lahmeyer International India
Package offered: 3.6LPA
Preparations: I have always been pretty thorough with my studies during the semesters and hence I did not feel any particular need to study separately for the placement sessions.
Books Reffered: Though I did lay more stress on machine Design, Production, Material Science, Solid Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics.
Eligibility criteria and students appeared: The GPA cutoff laid by the company was 8.48 / 75.2%. in all, 70 students were eligible to sit for the placement that day.
The Written round: The written round had all types of questions including technical, aptitude based as well as personality development ones. I would like to tell you about them:

Strengths and Weaknesses, Where do you see yourself after 1 Year, What’s the need of compressor in an Open Cycle (Brayton Cycle) , Pressure Energy Calculations , Radiated Energy Heat Transfer calculations , basically, all the questions were related to real life applications of theoretical concepts.

Aptitude questions majorly consisted of Family relationship questions and Quantum Aptitude. Personally, I found Accenture’s and Lahmeyer’s written tests (Both Aptitude and Written in lahmeyer, Aptitude in Accenture) really good.

The Group Discussion Round: Next was the GD or the group discussion session. I personally had extensive experience of GDs and PIs during SSBs (Once in 12th and twice in 1st Year in Naval Academy, SSB-B’Lore , 12 SSB Batch). This proved to be quite a help.  We were given 5 minutes to prepare for the topic “Red Vs Green sports in India”. A few wise tips: Be yourself, this will help you find a job which fits YOU. Don’t look at the GD panel during the GD as they aren’t a part of it and be less sarcastic.
The Interview: I cleared the GD and next had to appear for the interview. A whole lot of questions were asked. For Core – Literally from every subject which we studied during all 4 years , For Software – basic fundamentals like Automobile, Refrigeration , ACs and all real life Mechanical questions  . But all of them were to test our basic fundamentals. There were other HR type questions too like “Tell me about yourself” ,” What are your hobbies”,” Which movies you watched recently “and “If  you like it then WHY” ; all mainly Situation Reaction tests.

Nobody demands a formula , he just checks your style of approach (which includes Fundas) to the problem and how smartly you handle a situation.

Just be yourself in Interview, for your own good. Faking yourself could land you into a job into which you can’t fit, Job should be FITTING to employee not Employee to the Job. That’s what I feel.

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: I felt that internship plays a very important role in placements. Most of the technical questions were asked from the internship only, to test if we LEARNED anything and if we really attend the internship program. References were also asked from the Internship program.

As far as co curricular activities are concerned, they are nothing special. Companies don’t consider it as a criterion for recruiting you, it just shows that, you’re not into 1 thing; you have had a whole bunch of other activities during your college life. Co-Curricular doesn’t matter to guys scoring above 75%, but, to others, they have to show co-curricular to make up for the less percentage of marks.

Best of Luck!

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