Syed Yasir Ali

Name: Syed Yasir Ali
Course: IT
College: DCE
Year: 2010
Company: Morgan Stanley
Package Offered: 10.3 LPA
Preparations: Its best to start preparation after 5th sem because only % of first 5 sem counts there in placement so you can study in 6th sem. Initially start studying from books[tech + mba related apti] and then during summer vacations do placement papers, all types of questions. Remember once companies start coming from august you will not get much time to study

Try to have idea of everything but study following topics very well:

• C: do it completely from both books mention above, n while solving test ur skills its better to run it on tc as many cods are wrongly solved

• c++,data structures: all topics

• operating system: do first 13 chapters of galvin, that will b enough

• if u have less time then do semaphores, virtual & physical memory ,paging ,deadlocks

• database: sql,normalisation, mutual exclusion, acid properties

• networking: how internet works, ip addressing

Books Reffered: • C: Yashwant kanetkar “let us C” and “test your skills “;

• C++: Robert Lafore;

• Data structures : Tanenbaum{study from this} , Schaum { for fast go through if u have less time or at time when some company is coming in 2-3 days};

• Operating systems: Galvin;

• Database: Navathe;

• Networking: Forouzan

Websites Referred: • for GD and quant,verbal related questions: register yourself at ;

• for c, data structures: ;

• visit for good overall preparation;

• give tests of C, cpp, and other things on

GD and PI preparations: For gd go through , sometimes they conduct some gd sessions

For pi prepare 2 mins answer of following:

-tell me something about yourself?

-what do you think what you will b doing after 5 yrs?

-why you want to join this company {visit their website for getting this answer}

-any plan for further studies{ say no}

-any questions{ it’s always good to ask some qs like how’s work culture, what will b my work there?}

Eligibility criteria and students appeared: I think it was around 65 and it was resume short listing. Students appeared were 70 mainly from coe,IT,ece . 2 students from ee.
The Written round: The written exam had Technical qs + aptitude qs. There were no verbal / personality development qs .

It was 1.5 hr written round

• 10 q from core subjects like ds, os, database- level moderate

• 10 q from quant – level easy

• 40 q from any programming language that u choose from c,cpp,java [I choose C- level difficult {there were many q related to union}

Time was sufficient

The Group Discussion round: After written round, 14 people from DCE and 6 from NSIT were shortlisted.

Then first interview round was technical in which out of 20, 7 were shortlisted.

After that it was group activity round …

All 7 of us were in same group.

The task was we had to construct some structure [having 3 features height, strength and beauty] from straws, pins and also have to draw a chart, give logo and tell type of users who may like it

-1 mentor was assigned to each one of us who was noticing our activity

-initially they gave us 1 hr which was after 10mins decreased to 45mins.

-then we all 7 have to give presentation in 5 mins

-overall in this round they just want to judge whether v r able to work in a team and how we coordinate with our group people

-tips are: • don’t contradict any of your group members

• dont make anyone head of ur grp there

The Interview: It was mainly technical

1st technical interview-around 1hr

-they asked complete data structures starting from array till graph and hashing , they asked me to write codes and algos… and gave many variations…. go through and tanenbaum for this

-semaphores, mutex, deadlock

-basic cpp


After this, 7 were shortlisted n then it was group activity as explained above

And then 2 more interviews for all 7:

In 2nd interview-around 40mins: he asked me about training, give various situations-“you need os concepts for this”, a then some qs related to application layer protocols and internet

3rd interview-40mins: this was the toughest round.. they ask q related to sql queries, give various practical situations like make ads to store value of particular share, situations in graph n make code for it,, mainly they want me to tell best data structure that i can use in that situation and then write code for that, hashing ,semaphores again

After this round out of 7 , 3 were selected

So at last I want to say this company wants yo u have knowledge related to all main subjects of IT/COE like c, cpp, ds, os, database, networking.. By having IT branch it adds in my favor

Role of Internships and extracurricular activities: -not much. You just need to tell them what you did there and they will ask you about its use and some variations related to that

-I must say do intern but never at cost of your subjects.. You first need to know your subjects then intern part comes….. Good intern can always give you upper hand.

-but even if you did farzi training u can easily pretend it in any interview and you can still clear any company

-if you think that u need to study for placement after 6th sem then it’s better to skip summer training and study subjects

-don’t write anything in cv for which you don’t have good idea

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