MBA 1463 MBA-403 Information Technology View
MBA 1464 MBA-441 Database Management System View
MBA 1465 MBA-442 Fundamentals of E-Commerce View
MBA 7034 MBA-HR3 Team Building & Leadership View
MBA 7035 MBA-HR-4 Negotiation & Counselling View
MBA 7038 MBA-MK-3 Sales & Distribution Management View
MBA 7039 MBA-MK-4 Retail Management View
MBA 7042 MBA-FM-3 Management of Financial Institution & Services View
MBA 7044 MBA-201 Financial Management View
MBA 7045 MBA-202 Marketing Management View
MBA 7046 MBA-203 Human Resource Management View
MBA 7047 MBA-204 Business Environment View
MBA 7049 MBA-206 Management Information System View
MBA 7050 MBA-207 Research Methodology View
MBA 7051 MBA-401 Business Policy View
MBA 7052 MBA-402 Comparative International Management View
MBA 7055 MBA-421 Marketing Research View
MBA 7062 MBA-211 Management Accounting View
MBA 7063 MBA-212 Production & Operation Management View
MBA 7064 MBA-213 Operations Research View
MBA 7065 MBA-214 Financial Management View
MBA 7066 MBA-215 Research Methodology View
MBA 7067 MBA-216 Economic Environment of Business View
MBA 7068 MBA-217 (New) Managing Human Resource View
MBA 7070 MBA-411 (New) Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Corporate Governance (New Cource) View
MBA 7071 MBA-412 (New) International Business and Trade View
MBA 7073 MBA-IT-4 Internet & Visual Basic View
MBA (RD) 7228 MBR-202 Accounting for Management View
MBA 7231 MBR-205 Rural Development (Issues, Approaches and Policies View
MBA (RD) 7232 MBR-206 Rural Institutions, Programmes & Experiments View
MBA (RD) 7233 MBR-207 Quality of Rural Life & Social Advancement View
MBA (RD) 7238 MBR-405 Management for Social Empowerment View
MBA 7239 MBR-406 Global Economic Environment & Rural Development View
MRD (RD) 7242 MRD-203 Research Methods & Applications View
MBA (RD) 7243 MRD-204 Operations Research View
MBA (RD) 7244 MRD-205 Managerial Economics View
MBA (RD) 7245 MRD-206 Interventions in Rural Settings View
MBR 7247 MRD-401 Strategic Management for Rural Development View
MBA (RD) 7248 MRD-402 Technologies for Rural Development View
MRD (RD) 7249 MRD-403 Marketing Management & Rural Marketing View
MBR 7250 MRD-404 Agri-Business & Rural Industries View
MBA (RD) 7251 MRD-405 Management of Social Empowerment View
MBR 7252 MRD-406 Global Economic Environment & Rural Development View
M.B.A. 7034 MBA-HR-03 Team Building & Leadership View
M.B.A. 7035 MBA-HR-04 Nagotiation & Counselling View
M.B.A. 7038 MBA-MK-03 Sales & Distribution Management View
M.B.A. 7039 MBA-MK-04 Retail Management View
M.B.A. 7043 MBA-FM-04 Tax Planning And Financial Reporting View
M.B.A. 7070 MBA-411 (New) Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Corporate Governance View
M.B.A. 7071 MBA-412 (New) International Business and Trade View
M.B.A. 7073 MBA-IT-4 Internet & Visual Basic View
M.B.A. 7043 MBA-FM-4 Planning & Financial Reporting View
M.B.A. 7069 MBA-218 E-Business View
M.B.A. 7072 MBA-IT-3 Data Communication & Network View

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