As a premier academic institution in the field of rural management, IRMA has evolved unique curricula for its various programmes. Programmes and activities of IRMA are described below:

Postgraduate Programme in Rural Management (PRM) for those who wish to take on challenging managerial responsibilities in institutions working in the rural sector. PRM is recognised as a Master’s degree in Rural Management by the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)

Doctoral Programme titled Fellow Programme in Rural Management (FPRM) for students and professionals seeking careers in research, teaching, and specialised knowledge-based positions in rural management institutions. FPRM is approved by the AICTE as a doctoral programme in rural management.

Management Development Programmes (MDPs) for middle- and senior-level in-service managers and officers of the union government, state governments, NGOs, and cooperatives working in the area of rural development. IRMA conducts many MDPs on various themes of development and management, ranging in duration from one week to six weeks.

Research and Consultancy services are a means of enriching the quality and content of teaching and training. This continuous up gradation puts us in an enviable position of serving our clientele more efficiently by helping them identify and resolve their critical management problems. The union government, state governments, NGOs, cooperatives, and national and international donor agencies are major clients of IRMA. Over the years, faculty members of IRMA have completed a large number of research and consultancy studies and assignments.

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