OP Jindal Group provides scholarship service for engineering and management students in India for year 2012. The main objective of this scholarship is to identify meritorious posts graduates and graduate students who emulate Shri Op Jindal’s vision and value and have the capability to be come leaders in innovation and entrepreneurial excellence.
OPJEMS 2012 Result is awaited and can be seen by clicking here once accounced
Scholarship Amount

  • Rs. 1,25,000 for a Management Studnet
  • Rs. 65,000 for an Engineering Student

Eligibility Conditions for Management Institutes

  • Top 20 students from 1st year batch based on entrance score.
  • Top 20 students from 2nd year batch based on performance score in the 1st year.

Eligibility Conditions for Engineering Institutes

Students from both the following categories will be considered in the shortlist:

2 toppers from each batch from the following streams for all 4 years

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering

Top 12 students from each batch (any specialization or stream) for all 4 years.

If same students is coming under both the categories (eg. In top 2 students from Civil Engineering and also in top 12 students from his batch) and his name should appear only under the 1st category. For the second category, another top student from his batch should be nominated to mee the number of 12.

Award of Scholarship

A total of 100 students selected from 40 institutes would be awarded the OPJEMS Scholarship. The final scholarship will be awarded based on the score of the individual in the online test (assessing him or her on leadership behaviors), and personal interview in the final stage. Equal weightage will be given for the online test and the interview.

Participating Institutes

Management Institutes

  • FMS – Delhi
  • MDI – Gurgaon
  • Jindal Global Business School
  • IIM – Lucknow
  • IIM – Ahmedabad
  • IIM – Indore
  • XLRI – Jamshedpur
  • SPJIMR – Mumbai
  • IIM – Bangalore
  • IIM – Calcutta
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Rohtak
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies
  • IIFT
  • IIM Kozhikode

Engineering Institutes

  • IIT – Delhi
  • IIT – Kanpur
  • IIT – Roorkee
  • IT BHU – Varanasi
  • NIT – Allahabad
  • NIT – Jaipur
  • NIT – Kurukshetra
  • BITS – Pilani
  • IIT – Mumbai
  • NIT – Nagpur
  • SVNIT – Surat
  • NIT – Durgapur
  • IIT – Guwahati
  • IIT – Kharagpur
  • ISM – Dhanbad
  • NIT – Jamshedpur
  • NIT – Rourkela
  • OPJIT – Raigarh
  • NIT – Raipur
  • IIT – Chennai
  • NIT – Suratkal
  • NIT – Trichy
  • NIT – Warangal
  • Delhi college of Engg.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are the different types of scholarships?
Ans : The scholarships are of two kinds:
INR 125000 for a Management student
INR 65000 for an Engineering student
Q. How many people would I be competing against while trying for this scholarship?
Ans : There are 24 Engineering and 16 Management colleges which have been invited to partner in the scholarship process. Within these institutes, each academic years’ top 20 students would be eligible, making it a total of 2560 applicants
Q. How many students would be awarded with scholarship?
Ans : In all 100 scholarships would be awarded. Each engineering institute can have a maximum of 4 scholarships and minimum of 0 scholarships while each management institute can have a maximum of 2 scholarships and minimum of 0 scholarships.
Q. How does OPJEMS identify the students eligible for the scholarship?
Ans : This would be a three step process:
Step A: The students would be short listed based on the eligibility criteria.
Step B: Eligible students will take an online test.
Step C: Shortlisted students from Step B would be asked to appear for a personal interview conducted via web conferencing.
Q. What is the duration / tenure of the scholarship process?
Ans : 2012 – 2013 The selection process will start in August 2012 as the fresh batches of Engineering and Management Institutes enrol. The entire selection process would be finished by the end of September 2012 and the students would be notified by 1st October 2012.
Q. What are critical deadlines?
Ans :
Last date for Registration (submission of application form online) : August 28th, 2012.
Administration of Online test at campus : September 7th, 2012.
Announcement of short listed students for interview : September 11th 2012.
Personal Interview : Between September 20th 2012 and September 22nd 2012.
Announcement of results : 1st October 2012.
Q.When do I get the scholarship prize amount?
Ans : To be announced later on.
Q. Can I defer my scholarship?
Ans : There is no scheme of deferring the scholarship. The student would have to make his arrangements that he receives the money from the college within the period specified, failing which the student would have forfeited the amount.
Q. Would I be required to sign any long term bonds (e.g.: taking up a job with Jindal after graduation) if I accept the scholarship?
Ans : No. There are no bonds to be signed in order to accept the scholarship.
Q. If at present, I am already holding some other scholarship, would I still be eligible for OPJEMS?
Ans : The process does not believe in disqualifying any student on the grounds that he has proved his/ her merit before. So yes, a student already holding another scholarship can compete for OPJEMS, provided he/ she meets the criterion.
Q. Is Financial need of the student also taken into account while deciding on award of the scholarship?
Ans : No, OPJEMS is a scholarship which is distributed purely on the basis of merit and financial needs are not taken into account in any of the decisions.
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As part of the OPJEMS selection process about 2000 students had responded to the question “Visualize yourself on your 50th birthday. What would you want your critical stake holders (could be your colleagues, your spouse, children etc.) to say about you”. OPJEMS put together the excepts from the essays of the 99 OPJEMS of that year. You can see the complete OPJEMS essay book by clicking here

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